Healthy Me

Me in a Minute. Maths. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! This term we are learning about health and the human body. We’ve done a lot already and it’s only the start of the term. Me in a Minute is a health program for us sixers. It teaches us about fitness and how it effects us.

We’ve already done it once and it went pretty well. Here are my results:

What we do in Me in a Minute is we have a heep of activities for fitness and we have to do them in a minute. We would write down our score on a sheet.

My goals are to get at least ten balls in the target and at least two balls in the hoop from the free throw line. I will achieve this by practicing at my place in the back garden, and doing more exercises at karate and dance.

Pro came 3rd!

Political Parties were on Monday 26th of June. We had an voting day where the 4’s and 5’s had to use the preferential voting system to vote for the parties. While making all our stuff for the party, everyone a lot of work. I’m not sure who did the most, probably Taya. On the day we all did do,so much each that we came third. The team did argue a lot but we made it. Even though we didn’t win, we still can change something. We can still change the equipment and canteen food.

Australian Ballet Men

The person I have searched for my cereal box Robert Helpmann. The quality Robert shows is that he had a basic friendliness towards people, known or unknown.


We have just finished reading ‘The Night They Stole Eureka’. Here is my predictions before we read.
Here is what I learnt from this book. A wondering I have is why couldn’t they finish with the hotel or George or the trust account. It would have been more interesting.

Preps, here I come!

Our class is going to read to the preps. They will winge a lot if they haven’t seen the picture or heard what was on the page. Here’s the book I’m reading:

It’s just piranhas talking, not much. My goal is to read enthusiastically so the preps get engaged. Also I need to ask the preps questions.

Australia, Federation and I!

Questions from teachers. Yep, I have to answer questions on my blog. Just for the teacher.

1. Before federation, Australia was separated into 6 different countries.

2. Tasmania used to be part of Australia.

3. I have no idea who Henry Parkes is.

4. I think that the first attempt to make Australia a federation was rejected was because it was initially used for convicts and other federations thought it should stay that way.

5. What role did Alfred Deakin play in becoming a Federation? I don’t know who this man even is!

6. In what year did Australia become a nation? 1937 I think.

7. Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister? I’m not sure.

8. How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants? It got them treated very badly.

9. What do you know about the Eureka Stockade? It was a rebellion against the troopers and miners because troopers were using the law to their will. It was led by one man in particular that I have forgotten the name of. It was placed in Ballarat.

10. What were some big events that have happened between 1901 and 1960? World wars 1 and 2. That’s all I know.

11. Who were some important people between 1901 and 1960? I have no idea who some important people were but I’m pretty sure there were some sport people.

Thats all I know about this. Just remember these might not be true. So don’t use these yourself. Meet me next time. Seeya!

I’m in the 1850’s

My class is going to sovereign hill, so we need a character to pretend to be. So these are the jobs I’m going to make my parents be.

Here is my father: 

A cart maker.

My Mother will be dead but used to be a housewife! No picture for her then.

Thirds? Why thirds?

This is so random! Why did they make it thirds? Oh, sorry. I was just expressing my feelings about the rule of thirds. The first thing that came to my mind is THIRDS! Just WHY! Well, if you want a good photo use the rule of thirds, it should be a grid.

“The rule of thirds” is when you have a grid of nine squares. The main part should take up six of these squares. When you look at it, it looks like a naughts and crosses grid.  The lines should line up with the middle pole or eyes or a pole.

These are the photos I took!

The first photo is of a bush I always went to in year one. I went there to be by myself. The hole aligns with an intersection on the grid.

The second photo is my favourite place right now, THE MAZE! I play tiggy in there. I think they need to make it harder though. It has no dead ends. It just joins up together. One of the poles align with a line on the grid.

WOW, that was a long post, but you got there in the end. Click on the tag for more posts.    See you soon and enjoy!

Learn with Henry and Amy!

Hey, why are the teachers reading us this picture story book? Hidden messages of course. Two years ago they read to us a picture story book called Farmer Duck. Well they’ve done it again with the book Henry and Amy! The EXACT same thing!

Henry and Amy is about two opposite personalities who meet and teach each other something. Henry is backwards and never does anything someone else would do, but Amy is the opposite. Everything she does is perfect. So they teach each other how to do the opposite of themselves.

One hidden message in this story book is to be yourself. If you try to be different you will never be happy with yourself or life. Be yourself, be happy, have fun! You could do something trying to be different, but you will do it better by being yourself.

My learning goal for this year is actually what I mentioned just above. BE YOURSELF! I’ve always tried to fit in with everyone else. Listening to this story has probably helped me. I’ve tried to be cool to fit in, but it just got me kicked out more. This year I’ll try to be myself and see where it gets me. Jamie out!

The News: Perseus’ story update!

On today: Perseus Panther is going to school for the time. He’s really scared when Jamie Jaguar came over and wanted to be friends. He thought that everyone was nice after that until he met this guy, Charon Culpeo. Jamie knew he was it in tiggy and ran. Perseus tried and tripped. I shouldn’t be telling you this. I wrote this book but didn’t finished it cause I had to much pages to complete in one hour.

I was doing my draft in my writing book. Mr A made me do my story on my iPad before I finished drafting. Now that I’ve finished on my iPad I need to do my pictures and print. I had a different story but I had to start all over again. I have a blurb that explains the start of the story to the problem.

Mr Andrea is my publisher. Now I have two prep buddies so I need three copies. One for me and one for each buddy. It’s really annoying but I did it in the end. Thank you.  Have fun reading!


Perseus Panther woke up one morning. He remembered school and got scared. His father Perfect Panther came in and reassured him that he’d do fine.

He put his clothes on and Perfect Panther made his lunch. As he was getting to school, he got more nervous. When he got to his classroom, he walked to his teacher. Jamie Jaguar saw him and came over.

“Hi, I’m Jamie Jaguar” he said.

“I’m Perseus Panther” said Perseus.

Jamie became Perseus’ first and best friend. They went to Art and P.E together. At snack they joined Charon Celpeo’s game of tiggy.

After a while Charon became it. He started chasing Perseus who tripped and bruised his wrist.

“Are you ok” said Charon.

“Ahhhhhhhh” said Perseus who had started to cry.

“Take him to the sick bay” said Lily.

Everyone escorted him to the sick bay. The sick bay lady’s were really nice to Perseus. The ladys finished and Perseus went to his friends. They decided they’d play tiggy somewhere else.

Then they had reading in class.

Perfect Panther picked him up. Perseus was silent all the way in the car till they got home. Perfect started asking questions about what happened at school. Perseus told him everything. Perfect felt bad for Perseus, so he bought two medium burger meals from Baccas.

The next day, Perseus was cheerful again. He knew what he would do today. He would bring toys and board games to occupy everyone. At school everyone enjoyed the activities. They were all different from yesterday. Perseus was now friends with every preppie!

Kasariks Unimaginable Stories

Have you ever read “Stone Keepers”? Do you know who wrote it? Karlana Kasarik! She started writing because her daughter never finished her amazing stories. She made a competition with her. Whoever finished their story first wins. Her first story in the “stone keeper” trilogy is the chosen one. Each book is dedicated to one of her children. She has a problem though, she has a fourth child! Will she make a new series for him or not?

Enough about that… What I learnt from her is important. There has to be secondary characters in every story. They have to do something that effects the main characters. Seeds can be anything. She said a pencil on the floor could be one. It could have a secret message in it or be pointing at a secret room!img_2772

A plan is very important you could have an awesome story but get halfway through and not know what to write. You should also know your ending before you start. Editing is less important than planning. Still, it’s important. Sometimes you can print it 10 times and still miss something. Remember these tips. I’m not repeating them.

My Saturday Fun

Saturday, just thinking about it makes me happy. My family went to the Sunbury show. Why? I live in Gisborn, yeah but I used to live in Sunbury. My sister didn’t give up a dancing school when we left so she performed. Her act was ‘The Henry Twins and friends’.

We found some friends from Sunbury and Joram. We got some snow cones. My brother got an ‘ultimate Spider-Man’ show bag.  I got two plushies for twenty bucks. They were Toothless(how to train your dragon 2) and animal(the muppets).

My Aunt and my two cousins came too. The youngest tried dancing with her finger in her mouth. Her sister was to shy to do anything. We went to the park after and my sister and one of her friends came and occupied my cousins. After we went to ‘the station’ for some ice cream. My brother got a Nutella Donut with ice cream on top. We started playing in the playground and scaring my cousins. We finally left and said good by to my aunt.

Pictures and words ……. or not!

“A mud brown village hid at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain was night black with large spikes sticking out like stalactites. In the pitch black hole in the mountain lay a yellow fire dragon with a wrecking ball as at the end of it’s tail. The villagers wore night black suits and brought the weapons to the edge of the mountain.

The villagers shot at the dragon with sticks, string and stone. The dragons eyes glowed with anger. It shot out of the cave and attacked everyone in sight. The village was turned to flame. The villagers rushed to their buckets and went to the nearest lake and came back with the whole village on fire! They took three trips each to get all houses in steam without flame.”

This is my story. How did I write it. I didn’t! I drew it. (See below) If you haven’t read Mirror or Window, by Jeanie Baker you might not know that some books don’t have any words. Instead just pictures telling a story. I have not coloured all of it in so it’s mainly just red fire and blue water and blue parts of of the dragon. Everything is outlined in grey and everything is white with blue lines. The houses are squares and semicircles.

Here is what I drew:

Here is what the dragon was based on:

This is the dragon I bought.

This is the dragon I bought.


Eisteddfod? What’s that? Oh, Scott and I did this competition. What’s it for? It’s a keyboard competition for more than one school to enter in. How do you enter? Search it up. My mum put me in it. You will need two songs to perform at the competition. I did the malagueña and beginners blues. Here’s the video of the songs I played.

How do you pronounce this competition. Es-ted-fed! That’s how you pronounce this word. I’m not kidding. The awards? Your meaning to say we’re supposed to get awards! Oh, well good cause we did. Participation, honourable mention and winners. I only got a participation award. Here it is. imageWhen was it? 3rd of September 2016! The director was Craig Trickey. Adjudicator is Barbara Cresswell. At the Victoria Keyboard Academy. This is the sign of the competition.image

That’s all folks!