Books on Doors

It’s book week! Hurray. This is amazing. Actually it’s next week, so can’t get excited yet.

We’ve checked every door in our fabulous school and had to get a favourite. It’s a close call so here it is. 3rd place, Guess the baby! 2nd place, Bully on the bus. First place, the one and only, The BFG! imageWell, the criteria is: you had to like the book, know what book it is, be creative, be unexpected and the kids had to have something about them.

This door had people’s writing in the jars the BFG uses. It’s creative cause they’ve made the BFG body with what he eats and drinks and a pen in his hand. It was really unexpected because as you can see its huge for children to do.

I like this book cause the person is creative with where the Giants come from and how they talk. Also what they eat, drink and how they’re different.

If you want this class’s blog here it is.

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