Exhausted with sweat

T.O.M. Tournament of minds. 20th of August. Maths and engineering. Mr Bell, or teacher. Make a machine for the post. That’s none of the details. It’s just what we did. Here is the details.

Tournament of minds is a competition for schools to get different teams to compete. We were maths and engineering. We called ourselves……The innovation company. When I say we, I mean: Scott, Luke, Angus, Connor, Zac and myself of course. Mr Bell helped us through out the whole thing, well, except the spontaneous task. Yes, another competition for the competition.

The spontaneous challenge was short term. You had a picture, in this case a face on stairs, and had to write down what it could also be, or this what it could lead to, with your team.

The long term challenge was make a machine for the post. BUT…… it had to measure golden ratios. Ours was the golden post 2000! We measure the papers, if it isn’t right it goes in a “stabilised black hole”, if it’s ok it gets to the “universe”.


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