Eisteddfod? What’s that? Oh, Scott and I did this competition. What’s it for? It’s a keyboard competition for more than one school to enter in. How do you enter? Search it up. My mum put me in it. You will need two songs to perform at the competition. I did the malagueña and beginners blues. Here’s the video of the songs I played.

How do you pronounce this competition. Es-ted-fed! That’s how you pronounce this word. I’m not kidding. The awards? Your meaning to say we’re supposed to get awards! Oh, well good cause we did. Participation, honourable mention and winners. I only got a participation award. Here it is. imageWhen was it? 3rd of September 2016! The director was Craig Trickey. Adjudicator is Barbara Cresswell. At the Victoria Keyboard Academy. This is the sign of the competition.image

That’s all folks!

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