Pictures and words ……. or not!

“A mud brown village hid at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain was night black with large spikes sticking out like stalactites. In the pitch black hole in the mountain lay a yellow fire dragon with a wrecking ball as at the end of it’s tail. The villagers wore night black suits and brought the weapons to the edge of the mountain.

The villagers shot at the dragon with sticks, string and stone. The dragons eyes glowed with anger. It shot out of the cave and attacked everyone in sight. The village was turned to flame. The villagers rushed to their buckets and went to the nearest lake and came back with the whole village on fire! They took three trips each to get all houses in steam without flame.”

This is my story. How did I write it. I didn’t! I drew it. (See below) If you haven’t read Mirror or Window, by Jeanie Baker you might not know that some books don’t have any words. Instead just pictures telling a story. I have not coloured all of it in so it’s mainly just red fire and blue water and blue parts of of the dragon. Everything is outlined in grey and everything is white with blue lines. The houses are squares and semicircles.

Here is what I drew:

Here is what the dragon was based on:

This is the dragon I bought.

This is the dragon I bought.

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