Kasariks Unimaginable Stories

Have you ever read “Stone Keepers”? Do you know who wrote it? Karlana Kasarik! She started writing because her daughter never finished her amazing stories. She made a competition with her. Whoever finished their story first wins. Her first story in the “stone keeper” trilogy is the chosen one. Each book is dedicated to one of her children. She has a problem though, she has a fourth child! Will she make a new series for him or not?

Enough about that… What I learnt from her is important. There has to be secondary characters in every story. They have to do something that effects the main characters. Seeds can be anything. She said a pencil on the floor could be one. It could have a secret message in it or be pointing at a secret room!img_2772

A plan is very important you could have an awesome story but get halfway through and not know what to write. You should also know your ending before you start. Editing is less important than planning. Still, it’s important. Sometimes you can print it 10 times and still miss something. Remember these tips. I’m not repeating them.

3 thoughts on “Kasariks Unimaginable Stories

  1. Dear Jamie

    Star I like your excitement when righting
    Star your advice is good
    Wish make the heading more engaging

    From alex

  2. Hi Jamie
    Nice post I like how you explained why planning is more important than editing, I also like how you made the first paragraph like a blurb.
    Just one thing, I have to give a wish. I can’t think of one but I noticed that you didn’t mention that Karlana had to write her book 2 times because there was a mistake.

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