The News: Perseus’ story update!

On today: Perseus Panther is going to school for the time. He’s really scared when Jamie Jaguar came over and wanted to be friends. He thought that everyone was nice after that until he met this guy, Charon Culpeo. Jamie knew he was it in tiggy and ran. Perseus tried and tripped. I shouldn’t be telling you this. I wrote this book but didn’t finished it cause I had to much pages to complete in one hour.

I was doing my draft in my writing book. Mr A made me do my story on my iPad before I finished drafting. Now that I’ve finished on my iPad I need to do my pictures and print. I had a different story but I had to start all over again. I have a blurb that explains the start of the story to the problem.

Mr Andrea is my publisher. Now I have two prep buddies so I need three copies. One for me and one for each buddy. It’s really annoying but I did it in the end. Thank you.  Have fun reading!


Perseus Panther woke up one morning. He remembered school and got scared. His father Perfect Panther came in and reassured him that he’d do fine.

He put his clothes on and Perfect Panther made his lunch. As he was getting to school, he got more nervous. When he got to his classroom, he walked to his teacher. Jamie Jaguar saw him and came over.

“Hi, I’m Jamie Jaguar” he said.

“I’m Perseus Panther” said Perseus.

Jamie became Perseus’ first and best friend. They went to Art and P.E together. At snack they joined Charon Celpeo’s game of tiggy.

After a while Charon became it. He started chasing Perseus who tripped and bruised his wrist.

“Are you ok” said Charon.

“Ahhhhhhhh” said Perseus who had started to cry.

“Take him to the sick bay” said Lily.

Everyone escorted him to the sick bay. The sick bay lady’s were really nice to Perseus. The ladys finished and Perseus went to his friends. They decided they’d play tiggy somewhere else.

Then they had reading in class.

Perfect Panther picked him up. Perseus was silent all the way in the car till they got home. Perfect started asking questions about what happened at school. Perseus told him everything. Perfect felt bad for Perseus, so he bought two medium burger meals from Baccas.

The next day, Perseus was cheerful again. He knew what he would do today. He would bring toys and board games to occupy everyone. At school everyone enjoyed the activities. They were all different from yesterday. Perseus was now friends with every preppie!

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