Learn with Henry and Amy!

Hey, why are the teachers reading us this picture story book? Hidden messages of course. Two years ago they read to us a picture story book called Farmer Duck. Well they’ve done it again with the book Henry and Amy! The EXACT same thing!

Henry and Amy is about two opposite personalities who meet and teach each other something. Henry is backwards and never does anything someone else would do, but Amy is the opposite. Everything she does is perfect. So they teach each other how to do the opposite of themselves.

One hidden message in this story book is to be yourself. If you try to be different you will never be happy with yourself or life. Be yourself, be happy, have fun! You could do something trying to be different, but you will do it better by being yourself.

My learning goal for this year is actually what I mentioned just above. BE YOURSELF! I’ve always tried to fit in with everyone else. Listening to this story has probably helped me. I’ve tried to be cool to fit in, but it just got me kicked out more. This year I’ll try to be myself and see where it gets me. Jamie out!

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