About Me, The Fabulous Jamie!

Hey, do you think you know me? Just like they say in books, you may never know who even your best friend really is. So, ready to take on the challenge. Before you read please comment on what you think I like. Hoping you have made a comment, I am going to keep going.


If you like having awesome talents I can tell you some. I am a Black Belt in martial arts(Karate). I started in year one. Now I’m in year 6! It’s fun for me because I get to learn about self defence a train with a lot of different personalities.

I also do Dancing. Again I started in year one. This year I’ve started doing every type of dance. Tap, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Boys Break, Musical Theatre and Jazz. A lot I know. My favourite is Musical Theatre. Go to FlashDance in Sunbury. That’s where all this is.

I could have done squad for swimming last year but I decided I didn’t have enough time. Swimming is still a great passion of mine though.



I like playing Minecraft, Injustice and Disco Zoo. I like to watch Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and DC Legends on Foxtel Go. I watch Unspeakable gaming, Dan TDM, Stampy Longnose, Star Wars theory and dude perfect on YouTube.


I’ve made this subheading because there is a number of different things that I can’t make into paragraphs. My favourite comics are Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. I like Doctor Strange the movie. My favourite animal is a PANDA. Favourite series, Skulduggery Pleasant. I quite like dragons for mystical beasts. My favourite colour is blue.


My name is Scottish. I have one brother, two step brothers and one sister. The oldest are twins. The step brothers, Brodie (older by five minutes) and Cooper. My sister is in year eight. She does dancing every day of the week. My brother is Oliver. He’s in year four. I love my Mum and Dad the best. Sadie and Adam.

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