Healthy Me

Me in a Minute. Maths. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! This term we are learning about health and the human body. We’ve done a lot already and it’s only the start of the term. Me in a Minute is a health program for us sixers. It teaches us about fitness and how it effects us.

We’ve already done it once and it went pretty well. Here are my results:

What we do in Me in a Minute is we have a heep of activities for fitness and we have to do them in a minute. We would write down our score on a sheet.

My goals are to get at least ten balls in the target and at least two balls in the hoop from the free throw line. I will achieve this by practicing at my place in the back garden, and doing more exercises at karate and dance.

Arthur Phillip, The Biography

Arthur Phillip was a commander on the first fleet. He sailed 11 ships to Botany Bay to make a colony in Australia. People said he had salt water in his veins from the day he was born.

Arthur Phillips death was bad for the colony. He had lots to do for he was the first governor of Australia. He was thought to have committed suicide. He got a grave, but his remains were lost while being buried.

Before being the governor, he was the commander of the first fleet. He was told to take 11 ships to Botany Bay. There he was elected to be the governor to help the convicts make a big country. Before anything, he was supposed to spy on France. He looked at all build ups. Normal, military, and the sea build ups.

Arthur was very young when his father died. It was 1739 when it happened. Arthur Phillip found out and went to live at an orphanage. He started sailing at age 12. As he grew up, his skill escalated.

Arthur also had two wives. Margaret Charlotte Denison was his first. She was a women of means. She was born in 1722. Her death was in 1792 at Bala, Gwynedd, U.K. She was 70.

Next arthur married Isabella Whitehead. She’s over ten years his junior. This women was born in 1873. She was listed as head of household in 1881.

Arthur Phillip died back at England. When they got to Botany Bay and set up camp, they found aboriginals. The aboriginal tribe helped to make their houses, but they weren’t treated with fairness, so they attacked the now bigger colony. Phillip decided that the tribe should be left alone. The colony finally found peace on Australia!

Captain…………… Arthur Phillip

Hi guys,

Soon we will be a character from when people started coming to Australia. I have chosen to be Arthur Phillip! He was an explorer in the first trip to Australia. He lived in London. Here’s more info:

Captain Phillip was a British naval officer who founded the first permanent European settlement I Australia (life: 11 October 1738-1814 31 August). Arthur commanded the “Sirius” the flagship of the first fleet (the eleven ships that carried the first European settlers from Portsmouth, England, to New South Wales, Australia). The First Fleet was commissioned by Thomas Townsend, Viscount Sydney, and sailed Botany Bay on May 13, 1787. Phillip was a far-sighted governor who soon saw that New South Wales would need a civil administration and a system for emancipating the convicts. But his plan to bring skilled tradesmen on the voyage had been rejected, and he faced immense problems of labour, discipline and supply. Also his friendly attitude towards the aborigines was sorely tested when they killed his gamekeeper, and he was not able to assert a clear policy about them. The picture below will take you to another site for more info.image