Living skulls!

Skulduggery Pleasant is a book. I’m reading one. Literally. I’m reading the first book. It’s about a girl named Stephanie. She gets attacked and gets saved by Skulduggery, who kept an eye on her since her uncle died. She calls herself Valkyrie Cain and goes to save Skulduggery after him being captured by serpine’s minions, the hollow men.

Serpine is an evil man that killed skulduggery when he was a man. Then he tries to kill him as a skull. The Elders are the most magic men and women in the magical world. The sent cleavers to help get skulduggery back. Cleavers are super warriors. They’re really strong, fast and strategic.


Out of my mind quotes

Quotes! I choose this one!

“Music is powerful my young friends,” she said. “It can connect us to memories. It can influence our mood and our responses to problems we might face.”

I think that this means when you do your favourite thing, it makes you feel better after a problem or got hurt.