Thirds? Why thirds?

This is so random! Why did they make it thirds? Oh, sorry. I was just expressing my feelings about the rule of thirds. The first thing that came to my mind is THIRDS! Just WHY! Well, if you want a good photo use the rule of thirds, it should be a grid.

“The rule of thirds” is when you have a grid of nine squares. The main part should take up six of these squares. When you look at it, it looks like a naughts and crosses grid.  The lines should line up with the middle pole or eyes or a pole.

These are the photos I took!

The first photo is of a bush I always went to in year one. I went there to be by myself. The hole aligns with an intersection on the grid.

The second photo is my favourite place right now, THE MAZE! I play tiggy in there. I think they need to make it harder though. It has no dead ends. It just joins up together. One of the poles align with a line on the grid.

WOW, that was a long post, but you got there in the end. Click on the tag for more posts.    See you soon and enjoy!

Lighthouse challenges

Great, an impossible building challenge. We have to make a tower that survives a test called the fan test. We have to make it out of newspapers. My group was awesome, brilliant, clever because my group passed all the tests.

I now know about the first lighthouse ever made, the Shipwreck coast, split point lighthouse and how 3D shapes are strong.

On the next building challenge I will: use light, strong cylinders and make sure we have time to test.

image   image


image   image